Gathering in Cars to Witness Cinematic Splendor






On January 30th, in a year when most in-person entertainment options were limited due to the coronavirus we launched FOUR 'Your Consideration' Pop-Up Drive-In venueS.


Since cars are a safer way to experience films in Los Angeles we created four pop-up drive-in screening venues to promote awards-eligible films. ​ ​ We provide a safe, professional and private venue to reach press, fans and voters by having audiences attend an enveloping outdoor environment.


With our great staff, gourmet food, drive-in sized and DCI-compliant projectors, anD a huge inflatable cinema screen we gather cinema fans in four conveniently located pop-up Drive-In destinations.

Because we all are forced to safely interact at a distance these days, founder and filmmaker, Phyllis Stuart employed the 16th century proverb: ‘Needs Must When The Devil Drives’  to craft the venue  Drive-In bumper, which features an animated Devil driving to a  pop-up drive-in venue.


THIS event aims to remind audiences to keep creating and continue THEIR lives when faced with extreme challenges.   

KABC features our awards-eligible film  Wild Daze launching

Your Consideration Drive-in

Needs Must

When The Devil Drives 

François Rabelais



• Enclosed & Open Parking Lots holding 60 -300 Cars

• Convenient Location in Mid-Wilshire, Santa Monica, & the Valley

• Movie Concessions Available & Delivered to Each Vehicle

• State of the Art Projection Technology & Sound  

• Seasoned Event & Theater Professionals

• Locations on the lot for Host to Create a Socially Distanced Press Wall/Step & Repeat 

•  ADA Complant

•  Academy Approved

Interior & Exterior ADA Restroom Facilities 

• Compost & Recyclable Waste Management

•  Red carpet premieres and reception services available

• COVID Compliant Cleaning & Safety Measures

* Screen Size Varies and depends upon lot size. We project on cinema screens using either a 40' x 20' OR 15' tall x 26' wide screen on an inflatable frame.

• DCI-Compliant Barco DP100 4K DLP, 30,000 lumen projector w/ an IMS or a GDC 2000 server.

• The stereo audio is delivered to each vehicle via a FM transmitter: a 1W PCS Nano RDS/DSP transmission.


•  All persons over the age of two (2), including employees, customers, visitors, invitees and contractors (“patrons”), who enter Your Consideration Drive-Ins must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth such as a face-shield, mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief. Our venues operate in full compliance with CinemaSafe guidelines.


Q: Are your event venue bathrooms wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, all venue bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. 

Q: Will masks and social distancing be enforced?

A: All evolving and current County of Los Angeles public health requirements will be enforced including but not limited to wearing masks, social distancing, messaging, sanity and security. 

Q: Will Tickets be issued?

A: We ask our hosts to use CASHLESS TRANSACTIONS prior to guest arrivals. WELLNESS CHECKS Our employees will not come to work if they are feeling sick or symptomatic. We also respectfully ask that customers who are feeling symptomatic do not visit us in-stores. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re here for you. Thank you for safely joining us and for your support during these times. We love you!

Q: How many people can occupy a vehicle?

A: The number of seat belts in the car determine the maximum number of vehicle occupants. (The days of kids hiding in the car trunk alas are far behind us; but bring a blanket and warm clothes--no guest car engines will run during the screening.  

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Yes! Well behaved dogs are welcome, but the canines should be leashed and kept inside your vehicle, please.

Q: Will the audio disturb the neighbors?

A: No, since your car radio transmits the audio inside your car and guests  control the sound volume. We promise to keep the noise to an acceptable level.

Q: Can I sit outside of my car?

A: Please check back for frequent updates on local ordinances which we post on the screen and upon arrival.  The two most likely scenarios: Guests will be required to remain  inside their vehicle unless traveling to/from the restroom, and are required to wear masks outside of their vehicle OR drive-in guests may sit on flatbed of their pickup truck or inside an open convertible car to ensure proper social distancing.

Q: How will you sanitize? ​

A: Our janitorial and service staff will clean and sanitize regularly touched areas including restroom facilities.

Q: Will you be checking cars / names at arrival?

A: ARRIVAL CHECK INs are ticketless so we never touch you nor your phone. Some hosts may require check-in lists.

Q: May we imbibe and smoke? 

A: Please no drinking and driving. No smoking and no vaping allowed.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Whatever you like that provides you the most comfortable viewing experience. We suggest wearing your most comfortable outfit, be it jeans or pajamas, a warm jacket, a blanket (in case you get cold) and maybe bring a pillow to snuggle.

Q: Do you provide FM portable radios?

A: No, please ensure your vehicle’s FM radio is operational as sound will be transmitted through your FM car stereo.

Q: What time should I arrive? 

A: Between 15 and 60 minutes before the movie start time for the first show. We request you arrive at least 15 minutes early to help ensure your car reaches its reserved parking spot, you have a restroom visit, and you have adequate time to turn off all your lights (e.g. daytime running, parking lights, etc.) and your car properly enters accessory mode.

Please see Vehicle Accessory Mode and Daylight Headlight Operations Reference Guide.  Learn to turn off your daytime running lights while keeping your FM radio on.  Otherwise, we will tape over your headlights.

Under the banner of Light Productions (The Women’s Image Awards, 50 Years of Funny Females), filmmaker Phyllis Stuart began Your Consideration Screening Series to provide filmmakers with a big screen to promote big dreams. On January 30th, Stuart launched the new Your Consideration Pop-Up Drive-In Screenings with her awards-eligible film, Wild Daze. Stuart's film was  forged by fierce desire to save African wildlife and protect its forest peoples whose fates are tied up with the survival of the continent’s most iconic and majestic animals.Like all her efforts, Stuart was compelled to reach voters to give her film a fighting chance in a tough awards season.  


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